CBD Acres has created advanced agronomic technology to produce

high-quality medical grade CBD directly from industrial hemp,

versus traditional methods of extraction from highly regulated cannabis sources.

We have pioneered and re-invented industrial hemp for the specific purpose of

extracting cannabinoids grown in Ontario, Canada.


Unlike traditional cannabis sources of CBD that are are common in the marketplace today

that rely on highly regulated indoor growing,

our outdoor cultivation methods rely on a traditional sun-grown farming approach.

These industrial hemp-derived CBD products have

equal medical efficacy and benefits to those extracted from full spectrum THC/CBD based sources.

Our GACP standards approach produces CBD at a fraction of the cost of producing via traditional medical or recreational cannabis sources, giving us a distinct advantage in both price and production capacity.





First mover in large-scale Industrial Hemp production in Canada.  First crop in August – October 2019

Late stage Cannabis Act applicant for extraction site in Barrie, Ontario.  Video evidence package submission in June 2019

Tier-one acquisitions are all accretive and enhancements to the core Cannabinoid business plan

Proprietary, branded, and patented technology in Sublingual, Transdermal and Edible delivery systems

Focus on innovation in Cannabinoid wellness, therapy and next generation delivery systems

First Canadian company to create a vertical in agronomy, farming, processing, extracting and creation of value-added products

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